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Bioinspired Systems Laboratory


The laboratory is a place dedicated to research with a highly multidisciplinary connotation, with bases related to mechanical engineering, but with a vocation to welcome and develop skills in the fields of architecture, design, bioengineering, biology and neuroscience. The research topics concern robotics, mobility, energy efficiency and the development of machines and devices optimized to perform specific tasks, taking inspiration from Nature.

An experimental laboratory to face the challenges of bioinspired design from teaching a research points of view.


Additive manufacturing

  • 3D Printer Zortrax m200 [volume 0.2m x 0.2m x 0.2m]
  • 3D Printer Delta WASP 4070 [volume Ø 0.4m x h 0.67m]


  • Hydraulic test bench [L 6m, h 0.5m, w 0.6m] for the analysis of the interaction of robotic systems with water
  • wind tunnel in open configuration, instrumented with 6-axis load cell [useful section 0.5m x 0.5m]
  • National Instruments measurement systems (CDAQ, CRio, dedicated modules)
  • Accelerometers, gyroscopes and IMUs
  • Multiple 3D tracking system for identifying the position of a body in space (indoor and outdoor)
  • Terrestrial test bench with variable morphology for motion testing of autonomous terrestrial robots

Services for Companies

  • Support on the design of new products, devices and machines
  • Numerical analysis and dynamic simulation of mechatronic machines and devices
  • Development of functional prototypes and technological demonstrators
  • Training courses and consultancy in the field of mechatronics