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Virtual Prototyping and Augmented Reality Laboratory


In the Virtual Prototyping and Augmented Reality Laboratory, innovative technologies for the development of AR/VR applications to use for the product development are made available to students and demonstrated to visitors. We use advanced systems for the development of 3D digital models, and we also develop applications based on virtual prototypes for the functional and ergonomic simulation of products.

The available technologies include devices for stereovision in virtual environments, which are used to represent both immersive and augmented environments. In particular, in this lab there is an area devoted to the immersive interaction and provided with devices to be worn by users. These devices, such as sensorised gloves and Head Mounted Displays, allow the development of applications with user-friendly interfaces. Finally, the lab has been equipped with tools for the acquisition and the analysis of human movements.

Learning support activities
The laboratory is used by the students of the courses: Metodi di Rappresentazione Tecnica, Modellazione CAD, Product Development Design Studio and Computer Aided Design and Physical Prototyping.

Seminars and workshops: 

  • modellazione Parametrica di Collegamenti per la trasmissione (alberi, cuscinetti) e per la trasformazione del moto (pulegge, catene, ruote dentate). For the Bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering.
  • autodesk Fusion 360 (Modulo CAM) e Charly 4U (Centro di Lavoro a Controllo numerico). For the Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering
  • realtà Virtuale, Realtà Aumentata e applicazioni per l’Industria e l’Architettura. For the Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering and Architecture


  • virtual reality: Oculus Rift, LeapMotion Sensor, Microsoft Kinect Sensor
  • augmented Reality: Microsoft HoloLens, Bridge & Structure Sensor
  • haptic Device: Geomagic Touch, Touch 3D Stylus
  • reverse Engineering: Scanner 3D (Structure Sensor)
  • Additive Manufacturing: Sharebot Next Generation, Sharebot One
  • 4 Axis CNC machine: Charly4u

Services for Companies

  • parametric 3D modelling, Parametric Assembly, Drawings
  • seminars and training courses (CAD-CAE-CAM and Additive Manufacturing)
  • applications for Tele-rehabilitations and neuro-motor exercises using VR/AR devices
  • rent of different devices for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality applications