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Leisure Time

Lecco’s unique geographical situation, a city set between mountains and a lake, constitutes a natural invitation to the practice of sports and outdoor activities.

Lecco’s natural surroundings are the delight of both snow and water sport lovers: trekking, skiing, climbing, bike and horse-back riding…there is plenty to do for all! For more information on what to do while in Lecco see website Lago di Como.

Politecnico di Milano considers Sport an important element to complete the training and growth of its students. Politecnico offers them many opportunity

Find more about Sport at Politecnico

Art and culture

Lecco and its province offer art, nature and culture in a nutshell. This territory guards exquisite monuments and small artistic treasures. Its mountains, rivers and valleys are silent witnesses to the region’s suggestive beauty.

There are splendid mansions surrounded by centuries-old parks, ancient settlements, forts and numerous small museums. Among all the illustrious writers who have sung the praises of this province, none is more important than Alessandro Mazoni, known world-wide for his important literary contribution.

Other sites worth visiting are small medieval buildings, elegant 17th Century villas, and famous sanctuaries such as those of Montevecchia and Imbersago.

For more information on what to visit while in Lecco see website Lago di Como.