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Prospective Students

Register to the admission test for undergraduate engineering programs

If you want to join a Polimi bachelor program in engineering, you first have to pass an admission test, called TOL. General info and registration are available here.

Register to the admission test for undergraduate architecture programs (5-year Single Cycle Programme in Building Engineering/Architecture)

Before enrolling to the bachelor programme in Architectural Design and the 5-year single-cycle programme in Building Engineering/Architecture, you have to pass an entrance test. Both degrees have a cap on student registrations (i.e. a maximum number of new places available), decided every year by the Ministry of Education, University and Research. Info about the test and registration are available here.

Complete your enrolment to an undergraduate engineering program

Three different enrollment deadlines are available and vary each year. Next year dates are shown here.

Complete your enrolment to an architecture program (5-year Single Cycle Programme in Building Engineering/Architecture)

To enroll to the BSc in architectural design or the single-cycle MSc in building engineering – architecture (normal duration: five years) you have to pass an entrance test. These programs set a maximum number of admittable students, decide each year by the Ministry of Education, University and Research. Further info and guidance are published here.

Find accommodation in Lecco

The “Adolf Loos” residence is located right on campus. You can find info about services offered, availability and reservation here.

Register a new account on Polimi Onlines Services

To register, please visit and select “New User? Register!” Please follow the on-screen instructions: you will be asked to enter your personal details (amidst other, fiscal code and personal e-mail address), then you’ll set a new password that, together with the personal code you’ve been assigned, you’ll use to log in.

Current Students

Submit a Study Plan

You can submit your study plan by logging in to the Online Services ( -> Study Plan Presentation). Deadlines are published in the academic calendar.

Discharge your OFAs

If you’ve been assigned any OFAs (additional educational obligations), you can discharge them by repeating the TOL (admission test) or the TOL section where you got OFAs. You can do that - free of charge - only once every month during the official sessions. Details on this page.

Request and Obtain a Certificate

You can obtain a certificate about your academic career at any Polimi registrar’s office or ordering it online. Further details on this page.

Learn more about our sports activities

You can learn more about the sports activities organized by Polimi and find out how to register to CUS (Polimi Sports Association) visiting our Sport Point. Here’s the webpage of our sports association.

Recover your Online Services credentials

If you cannot remember your Online Services password go to -> Password Change and type your personal e-mail address (the one you gave when you first registered to the Online Services). You’ll receive an e-mail that will help you through the password reset process.

If you lost/forgot all the data required for the password reset, you can go to -> Credentials Recovery), download a request form and send it to a specific e-mail address together with a digital copy of your ID card.

Request a Policard duplicate

If you lost your student card, you can request a free duplicate: go to -> Activation Magnetic Badge and follow the instructions showing on screen.

Know which rooms are available

A list of the available (i.e. unreserved) classrooms on Lecco campus during the ongoing term is published here. You’ll find the same information at the main entrance of building B, on the notices board. About classrooms available on other campuses, lease check this page.

Go abroad as an exchange student

We offer many different opportunities to go abroad for a while: to study, for a traineeship, ro work on your final thesis or on a double degree program. Further info here.

Activate a Traineeship

If you want to activate a stage during your studies, please refer to the rules set by your program board.

Obtain a language proficiency certificate required for enrollment

Knowledge of English language is a requirement for enrolling to all programs. A specific level of command of the English language is also required for the 5-years degree in Ingegneria Edile-Architettura. Details on this page.

Register for the Final Graduation Exam

At the end of your academic career, you have to sit a graduation exam (final test). In order to register, log in to the Online Services and select “Register to Final Exam”. Details on this page.

Upload your thesis

Undegraduate programs do not require students to deliver a final thesis. Graduate students instead have to upload a final project to complete the Master of Science and the 5-years degree. Deadlines and details are published here.

Enroll to a Master of Science degree

You can enroll to a Master of Science degree both in the first and second term. You have to apply for admission and your application will be evaluated and given a feedback. Further info on this page.

Suspend your studies

If you wish to suspend your studies, you can file a specific request between October 1st and December 31st and submit a 16€ revenue stamp. Further details here. On this page you can also learn how to resume your studies after a suspension.

Quit your studies

If you have decided to permanently withdraw from your university studies, you should file a withdrawal request and submit 16€ revenue stamp. Withdrawal is final and implies the cancellation of your university career. For details click here.

Find and Consult Polimi Guidelines and Rules

Guidelines and Polimi rules are published here.

Graduate Students

Recover the Online Services credentials

If you don’t remember your password, go to -> Password Reset, type your personal e-mail address in and click “Confirm”. You’ll instantly receive an e-mail containing instructions to set anew password. 

If you lost/forgot the data required for password recovery, go to -> Credentials Recovery), download and fill out  the form, then send it back to the e-mail address given, together with a scan of your ID card.

Register to the State Examination

To pursue the profession corresponding to your degree, Italian laws demand that you pass a state examination further info can be found here.

Join a PHD program

PhD programs are the highest education level in the university system. Access to PhDs takes place after a selection process the details of which are listed in a call published every year here.

Request a duplicate of the diploma parchment

The original degree diploma (parchment) is delivered on the day of graduation. In case of loss/damage/incorrect personal data, please visit this page.