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NearLab - Neuroengineering and Medical Robotics Laboratory


We aim at designing, validating and translating to clinics  technologies for personalized rehabilitation and for promoting independent living. All these technologies are brought to clinical trials so to promote evidence-based clinical studies in rehabilitation technologies and the design of protocols to quantitatively support the rating based on clinical scales.
This includes the following activities :

  • user-centered assistive devices, as personalized robotic exoskeletons, with special focus on upper limbs
  • active neuroprostheses, including subject volitional contribution with FES, when possible and personalized control strategies
  • immersive rehabilitation devices, including EMG-based biofeedback solutions
  • fMRI  and TMS studies are adopted to investigate brain functions associated to rehabilitation treatments, especially with FES

NearLab@Lecco, at the Lecco Polimi Campus with two operational facilities at clinical partners sites: Villa Beretta and Istituto Medea.


  • electrophysiological signals acquisition device (Porti - 32 channels acquisition device)
  • electrical stimulator (Rehastim, Hasomed GmbH)
  • cycloergometer (Motomed Viva2, RECK-Technik GmbH & Co.)
  • optoelectronic systems for movement measurement (NDI Polaris Vicra; SMART micro g; Elite-S2)
  • phantom (Phantom Premium 1.0; Phantom Omni)
  • humanoid robot (NAO Robot)
  • wearable system for vibration-based biofeedback administration
  • upper limb exoskeletons (Armeo Spring, BRIDGE project)
  • hand exoskeleton (Gloreha)
  • eye Tracking (Tobii T60)
  • validated MRI compatible experimental set-up (optoelectronic system for movement tracking, functional electrical stimulator)

Services for Companies

  • requirements and design for neurorehabilitative and assistive devices
  • control software development for neurorehabilitative and assistive devices
  • design and support for clinical trials realization