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RE3_Lab - Building Refurbishment and Energy Efficiency Laboratory


RE3_Lab is a centre of reference in the field of research and development of innovative strategies for the refurbishment and valorisation of the existing building stock. The laboratory renders different services in order to reach the required objectives of sustainability and energy efficiency in the building sector. RE3_Lab also offers training and information activities addressed to professionals, specialists, public administrators, stakeholders from private and public sector.

RE3_Lab may support decision-making processes of local public authorities for the definition and selection of the most suitable strategies at the macro scale (urban heat island investigation and mitigation, nearly zero energy buildings both new and existing, smart districts) and at the micro scale (investigation of thermal behaviour of building components and performance characterization). The laboratory also supports the Network for the Development and Promotion of Innovation in Sustainable Building Refurbishment.

The laboratory conducts research in the following collaborative fields:

  • energy-efficient upgrade of existing buildings stock
  • innovative materials and technologies for the existing building envelope – evaluation of energy performances and development of innovative solutions
  • building on built: S/E (structure/envelope) building technologies for the refurbishment and extension of existing buildings
  • urbane climate and impacts on the urban heat island effect and building energy behaviour
  • integrated tools for survey, monitoring and data organization of the existing building stock (in collaboration with the IC&T Laboratory)
  • refurbishment strategies at urban and territorial scale
  • new living standards for housing

Services for Companies

RE3_Lab offers:

  • scientific and technical advice for refurbishment project
  • evaluation of the thermal behaviour of traditional building components
  • comfort assessment
  • thermal and optical evaluation of urban surfaces
  • training and technical courses for professionals


Prof. Giuliana Iannaccone 
Tel. 0341.48.8756 - 0341.48.8879