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Mechanical and Thermal Measurements Laboratory


The laboratory is a competence centre for the monitoring, diagnostic and control of any mechanical or thermal system. The research activities are related to the general metrology and instrument design:

  • sound and vibration measurements
  • temperature measurements
  • measurements for biomedical applications
  • design and testing of instrument for space measurements (Metrospace Lab)

Metrospace Lab - Measurements for Space and Industry

The laboratory deals with modelling, monitoring, diagnostics, and control of systems affected by mechanical and thermal quantities, with particular attention to the design, development, and characterization of measuring instruments and systems for space applications. The laboratory manages the development of instruments starting from feasibility studies up to the characterization of flight models and it has contributed to the development of innovative Fourier spectrometers, particle analyzers, microbalances for measuring molecular contamination and dust analysis, imaging spectrometers and scientific instrumentation in different space missions.


Vibration Measurements

  • Scanning Laser Doppler Vibrometer, single point laser Doppler vibrometer, piezoelectric and MEMS accelerometers, servo-accelerometers
  • Hand-arm and whole-body vibration measurement systems
  • 6-DOF force platform for the dynamic characterization of vibration sources
  • Electrodynamic shakers with force ranges between 0.1 and  8900 N and frequencies between 2 and 15000 Hz

Thermal Measurements

  • infra-red thermal imager for noncontact temperature measurements
  • multichannel thermocouple and RTD measurement systems
  • thermostatic bath with temperature range between -40°C and 120 °C
  • vacuum chamber for mechanical components testing between -190 °C e 100 °C

Services for Companies

  • measurement of vibration on tools, machines and mechanical components. Implementation of fit-to-purpose anti-vibration devices. Vibration tool characterization. Realization of vibration dampers
  • measurements of length and displacement: implementation of measurement systems for quality control and integration with the enterprise quality management system.
  • design and realization of sensors and systems for force, pressure and torque measurements
  • experimental analysis of mechanical stress on mechanical components
  • noise monitoring and abatement
  • thermal and thermo-elastic measurements in industrial environment