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WEmSy Lab - Wireless Embedded Systems


The research activity of the Lab addresses methodological and application aspects of embedded and cyber-physical intelligent systems that are pervasive systems (equipped with sensors / actuators) endowed with intelligent mechanisms based on machine learning and computational intelligence. Examples of such pervasive systems are Internet of Things, Wireless Sensor Networks, Edge / Fog computing systems and RFId technology (active, passive, hybrid).

In particular, the research activity of the Lab focuses on the design and development of intelligent embedded / IoT systems from the hardware, software, machine / deep learning point of view as well as the energy harvesting, storage and management (e.g., energy-aware routing protocols, adaptive load management, adaptive sampling). Particular attention is given to the design and development of novel generations of distributed applications, also meant to operate in critical environments (e.g., monitoring of mountain environments, critical infrastructures and buildings). The research fields of the Lab are:

  • embedded systems endowed with machines and deep learning capabilities
  • embedded deep / machine learning
  • embedded wired and wireless systems
  • intelligent Internet-of-Things and Cyber-physical Systems
  • novel generations of monitoring systems
  • active and passive RFIDs
  • industrial quality analysis/management


  • digital oscilloscope
  • signal generator
  • controlled power supply 

Services for Companies

  • design and prototyping of electronic systems
  • software design and implementation
  • design and implementation of firmware for microcontrollers and DSP
  • design and implementation of control systems
  • design and implementation of Internet-of-Things Systems
  • support for the adoption of new technologies
  • data Engineering
  • development of artificial intelligence solutions for industrial and application contexts


Prof. Cesare Alippi
Tel. 0341.48.8746